ITF World Championships Update

By Brenda Carter


After a glorious week of weather during the team competition, the week of Individuals started with a day of high winds.  All who played on that day were hitting (and missing) some crazy shots. We all returned to our rooms with red clay in our ears and hair! The following two days were moderately windy, but much better than Monday... then perfect tennis weather for the remainder of the week.


Thankfully, I made it to the semis in both singles and doubles in the 70s. I played doubles with the #1 player from the Netherlands, who is a good friend. The scoring format for doubles was to use a 10 point match tiebreaker at 1 set all. We lost in the semis (we were seeded 4th) to the #1 seeded team. We split sets, then lost the tiebreaker - ugh! However, we felt fortunate to be there because we played a good Finnish team in the first round and had survived after splitting sets and being down 7-1 in the tb!!


In singles, I was seeded 12th and had some good matches to reach the semis. In the quarterfinals, I had a marathon match with a player from France, who beat me last year in 3 sets. This year, I guess it was my turn as I ended up winning in 3 sets. This set up a meeting in the semis against my doubles partner, who was the #1 seed. I’ve played her a few times, so I knew what I was up against. I battled hard, but came up short, losing 7-5, 7-5.


Liane Bryson, one of my Cup teammates, also played this week, entering women’s doubles and mixed doubles.  She and her partner from South Africa played great and won the gold medal in women’s doubles.  This was Liane’s first ITF Cup and ITF Individual experience - kudos and congrats to her! Cathie Anderson also picked up a gold medal today in the 75 MXD with partner Fred Drilling.


All finals were completed today, followed by a medal ceremony. I enjoyed watching, as all of the matches were hotly contested. In today’s matches, Americans were competing for the gold medal in the following categories: 80s women (both USA), 75s men, and 85s men and 75 MXD. All semi finalists received bronze medals. By my count, USA won 7 gold medals, 5 silver medals and 8 bronze medals.


It’s been a wonderful two weeks of international tennis in beautiful Umag on the shore of the Adriatic Sea.  Our accommodations and food have been great as well. However, it’s the people we meet and the relationships we nurture with people from all over the world that makes the event so special.  I am so blessed to be a small part of this year’s event.


 The one of four is a medal ceremony picture for 70s women:  winner is the shortest, finalist is on the left. The third is of Liane and Cathie, both gold medal winners and the 4th is saying goodbye to Umag and the Adriatic Sea.


Again, thanks for caring and your support.


Blessings and love,


View from our dining area - it’s a little hard to tell, but the Adriatic is just beyond the trees.

Medal ceremony for 70s women

Liane and Cathie, both Gold Medal winners.

Umag and the Adriatic Sea