The Addie Cup

Wilmington Country Club,Wilmington, MD. June 2019


By Robbie Dimond-Stonesifer


The Addie Cup competition started in 1981 at Aspen Hill Club in Silver Spring, MD. It was the brainchild of Mid-Atlantic’s Carol Wood and Carol Bentley as an extension of the Sears Cup sectional competition. Back then it involved top-ranked women 40 years and older in the four East Coast sections of the USTA. Pauline Betz Addie (1919-2011) was a mother of five, a wife of Washington sportswriter Robert Addie, and manager of the Cabin John Indoor Tennis Facility in Potomac, MC for 20+ years. In 2008 it was renamed in her honor. She was the first female to be awarded a tennis scholarship to Rollins and played #4 on the Men’s team under #1 Jack Kramer. She was the Wimbledon Singles champion in 1946, the US clay court singles champion in 1941 and 1943 an won 5 Grand Slam titles in singles. She was inducted into the International Tennis Hall of Fame in Newport, RI in 1965.  When she turned pro in 1947 she was unable to compete for USLTA titles. She toured as a pro for 13 years.


This year’s winners, in a close, one-point finish:

New England, captained by Molly Hahn.

40s: Jayne Kane, Sandra Ponichtera, Lisa Sitton, Lisa Tholen

50s: Aleta Cebere, Davida Dinerman, Katrina Driscoll, Nancy Grimes, Yvette Kruger, Karen McNamara

60s: Sue Bushman, Ann Jacobs, Trisha Judge, Mary MacDonald, Deb Pruitt, Bernadette Lehmann (non-playing Assistant)

70s: Molly Hahn, Sue Kimball

80s: Judy Smith, Jessie Von Hippel


Runner Up: Eastern captained by Nancy Neff; co-captain Nadine Netter

40s: Olga Harvey, Klara Miklikova Obiaya, Carolyn Schopp, Jennifer Schneider, Karin Weiner

50s: Adriana Isaza, Connie Jones, Akemi Kinoshita, Ellen Markowitz, Sanae Oyama, Carol Powers, Opp Zimmer

60s: Connie Jones, Cindy LePrevost, Carol Levine, Nancy Neff, Abbi Neuthaler, Sally Zasloff

70s: Susanne Clark, Deborah Larkin, Nadine Netter, Lynn Thompson

80s: Sue Kossowsky, Lola O’Sullivan, Ingrid Rehwinkel


Third Place: Mid-Atlantic, captained by Carol Wood

Fourth Place: Middle States, captained by Robbie Ralston Dimond

Tough 80s Team (left to right): Jessie Von Hippel, Judy Smith


New England with the Addie Cup (left to right): Davida Dinerman, Jayne Kane, Trisha Judge, Molly Hahn, Lisa Tholen, Karen McNamara, Sandra Ponichtera

Between Matches (left to right): Mary MacDonald, Trisha Judge, Deb Pruitt, Karen McNamara, Davida Dinerman, Sue Kimball, Liesl Sitton