Bermuda Breeze Championships, Cat II

April 15-21, 2019. Coral Beach & Tennis Club, Bermuda


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By Andrea Hines

(Andrea won the 50s singles and doubles with Gail Warden)


Last year Gail Warden invited me to play with her in the Bermuda Breeze Championship at the Coral Beach and Tennis Club but I was already over-scheduled with 50s Nationals in Naples and the Anne Geier Cup in South Carolina. Gail ended up winning both of her events and having a great time.


This year, my husband, Harvey, and I decided to focus on tournaments that we could both play in, so Bermuda was on. Apparently, Bermuda introduced tennis to the United States, so it continues to have a special relationship with the USTA.


I had forgotten how beautiful this island is. And everyone is very friendly. It is expensive to get there (or anywhere) from Charleston, SC, but folks from the Northeast have several more economical options for flights.  We received very good tournament rates on the rooms at the sponsoring hotels. There was no room at the Coral Beach and Tennis Club (hint:  reserve early) - so Harvey and I had a 10-minute walk (lugging our tennis bags) on the beach every day from our hotel to get to our matches. That beats sitting in traffic and was also a good warm-up.


The weather was perfect. We did have quite a bit of wind, but that is Bermuda in the Spring. The courts were a little windy, but given the proximity to the beach, they were pretty protected from the worst of it. The tournament had events planned for each evening, so there was plenty to do without having to plan. I played three events so I didn't have much time for anything else; but Gail and her husband were able to rent mopeds and tour the island a bit.


The tournament directors and staff were amazing and very accommodating. This club also hosts a family championship tournament in late October. I encourage you to check it out - it is definitely worth the trip.





50 Doubles

Finnegan/Flynn with Winners Warden/Hines