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There's A Hole in the Bottom of the Sea By Kandy Chain

“There’s a pimple on a flea on a hair on a wart on a frog on a bump on a log in a hole in the bottom of the sea.” This is the last verse of a song I remember as a kid. It may not be the exact words but it’s the way I remember singing it. We sang it at Girl Scout camp and I think Peter, Paul and Mary took a stab at it.


I thought of this song the other day. Many times in life things gets piled on top of another. We all start from that “hole in the bottom of the sea.” First, the side of my knee was hurting. X-rays showed that the right side of my knee was practically bone on bone with bone spurs sticking out. Next, the arthritis caused my knees to turn inward – knobby knees. The weight shift in my knees caused my right foot to distort to adapt to my new balance. The distortion of my foot caused tendonitis to develop in the extensor tendons of that foot.


In order to accommodate and secure my foot I wore a new high- top shoe, taped my foot, and strapped on a foot brace. The foot felt great. My brain, however, did not calculate that I had to lift my foot higher in order to adjust. The fall happened when I tried to recover from an out wide backhand. I didn’t quite lift my foot high enough to catch my weight. I went down full impact on my good knee. I cracked and bruised my patella and was out of play for 10 weeks.

Rehab is going well. Each morning I ride my bike, do my leg squats and stretches, ice and take my ibuprofen. In the meantime my shoulder is getting sore…here we go again! Just pile it on – how many holes in the bottom of the sea can one person have?


Recover Stronger

By Lizl Kotz, Physical Therapy studio owner in Mt Pleasant, S.C.

Let’s face it, being injured stinks but there are valuable lessons to be learned while recovering. The process of healing can start when coaches, parents and healthcare providers acknowledge the emotions associated with injury as normal and valid. If an athlete is depressed, a coach, parent or friend will need to help implement some of the strategies.

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Your First Gold Ball

By Carolyn Fournier

Winning a First Gold Ball is like that magical moment when a child on the carousel successfully reaches out and grabs the brass ring. At first you just concentrate on staying on your horse but eventually you let go, trusting your balance and getting braver, more experienced. Read more