The Cooper Cup, Les Grandes Dames

October 16-20, 2019. Lauderdale Tennis Club, Fort Lauderdale, FL



By Kathy Foulk


The Les Grandes Dames Cooper Cup held at the Lauderdale Tennis Club and hosted by Margy Edmunds, in October, was a wonderful event. This tournament has its roots in the 1980s when it was played in Winter Park, Florida. Several years back, NSWTA Legal Counsel Margie Cooper began funding the tournament in honor of her mother, Barbara. After the passing of Margie last year, the tournament committee decided the right thing to do is to honor the Cooper family, so they changed the name from the Barbara Cooper Cup to the “Cooper Cup”, in honor of both Margie and her mother Barbara. TD Margy Edmunds, Kerry Young and a dedicated staff from the club turned this tournament into a fun and intimate gathering of Margie’s dearest friends. We hope next year more will want to join the fun.


The draws were small but the quality of play was good and exciting. The Women’s 45s had 8 strong players with a first time player Anne-Marie Miller of Sanford FL winning the 45 singles back draw and the main draw doubles with partner Ligia Bottinelli. Tangerine Manning easily managed the singles draw without dropping a set.


Both the singles and doubles for the Women’s 55s were the largest and strongest draws. The seeds held their own with Erin Boynton winning over Terri Thomson in the finals. Kathy Foulk took Sally Zasloff down in 3 sets in the quarters. Catherine Harmon-Morgan won the consolation. The doubles wasn’t easy for any team and the unseeded team of Mariana Hollman and Stacey Williams took the title over Erin Boynton and Ligia Bottinelli in 3 sets.


The 65s saw Helga Immerfall besting Gwenda Ward in a round robin singles format. In the doubles, Cindy Leprevost and Donna Fales lost to the #1 seeded team of Peggy Machoian and Joan Oelschlager in the finals of the round robin.


Burnett Herrick defeated Margy Edmunds, who was warming up for the 75 National Hard Courts in Palm Desert the following week, in the only match in the 75 singles. The 75 doubles also had only two contenders, with Margy and Jovette Levine defeating Nadine Netter and Judith Power. This group was full of true sports and they enjoyed the time on the court with each other.


Breakfasts were complimentary Thursday through Sunday and Thursday night there was a player dinner with Margie’s cousin Joanne Russell in attendance to honor the memory of Margie and her mother.


Ligia Bottinelli was chosen as the first recipient of the Cooper Cup Sportsmanship award.