Les Grandes Dames

January 16-20, 2019. Palm Beach Gardens, Super Cat II


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Article submitted by Kathy Foulk


Although we saw low number draws in the 30s and 40s age groups, this tournament was well represented by 50s, 60s and 70s kick-ass women and a most determined group of 8 women in the 80s!


The 50s draw was a nice display of 14 singles players with Florida’s Jenny Klitch winning the title over New England’s Yvette Kruger. Eight teams played great doubles with Stacey Williams and Mariana Hollman joining together after a few years of not playing, but losing in the finals to unseeded Susan Harris and Patricia Randolph, both from Alabama. Susie Brown and Daniela Esswein had a good tournament, taking Hollman-Williams to three sets before bowing out in the semis.


Kathy Vick moved into the 60s group this year and upset #4 seed Bunnie Allare in three sets. In another good match, Wendy McColskey, recently retired from the 9 to 5 life, took the first set off Diane Barker in the semis. Diane prevailed and in the finals defeated Carolyn Nichols 6-4; 7-6. We are glad Carolyn is back to playing and looking strong for the new year. McColskey then beat Vick in three very tight sets for 3rd place.


In the 60 doubles, No. 5 seeds Kathy Vick and Kim Jones upset the No. 2 seeds Kim Dean and Frances O’Sullivan in a long three setter only to lose out in the semis to the other No. 5 team of Betsy Savitt and Ann Jacobs, who had defeated the sister team of McColskey and McColskey. In the finals, the No. 1 seeded team of Ligia Bottinelli and Abbi Neuthaler defeated Savitt and Jacobs while the No. 3 team of Kathy Foulk and Bunnie Allare defeated Vick and Jones for 3rd.


Those 70-something players! Molly Hahn and Sue Kimball spent a few hours on the court with Molly prevailing 7-5 in the third set. No. 2 seed Toni Novack quietly worked her way to the finals of this 15-person draw where she defeated No. 1 seed Hahn for the second time. No. 2 seeds Ellen Goodman and Brenda Winstead upset Hahn and Kimball for the 70s doubles title. Lois Harris and Diana Kitt came in third.


Dorothy Wasser upset No. 2 seed Burnette Herrick in the 80s singles semies in three tough sets. She then battled Inge Weber in the finals, where Weber outlasted her 5 and 2. Weber and Wasser prevailed in the 80s round robin.