Margaret Anderson



Margaret passed away April 29, 2019 after a two-year fight with lung lymphoma. At the end she succumbed to pneumonia. Margaret was President of the NSWTA for the years 2001-2003. She remained our long-time Parlamentarian, keeping us honest at our meetings and gently chiding us when the photos in the magazine got too small. She was an energetic and helpful fixture at certain tournaments, even when she had to stop playing in them.


From her friend Carol Cofer:

Margaret had been sent to a rehab hospital and was there about three weeks. She thought she was getting better, her voice was stronger and she had enough wind to talk on the phone for awhile. I talked to her several times during her time in rehab. She was looking forward to moving in November to a Life Care community, and was in the process of selling her house, but died before that could be completed. She and I took several cruises together. She was a great travel companion. I snore at night, but she was deaf in one ear so she would just turn over onto her other side. She did a lot for women's tennis. We'll all miss her.





Tributes (from her fellow NSWTA Presidents)


Margaret Anderson was a wonderful role model for me. She was a true leader and extremely reliable. I have shown many opponents my Up/Down sticker on the end of my racquet. When I was president of NSWTA, Margaret had 1,000 of those stickers printed. She sold them for $1 each and donated $873 to NSWTA (after printing expenses!). My grandchildren all have them on their racquets! Even after Margaret stopped playing tennis, she always came to Houston to serve as parliamentarian at the NSWTA annual meeting. She was a truly fine woman who will be missed.

-- Sue Bramlette (NSWTA President 2007-2009)


Margaret always kept our annual meetings on the straight and narrow because she was one of the few people who really knew Roberts Rules of Order. One thing I learned from Margaret at the beginning of my presidency is that you don't use the gavel to call on people to speak at the meeting. It is to be used only to open and to close the meeting.  Period!  If you followed Margaret's advice you would never go wrong. She will be sorely missed.

-- Cindy Babb (NSWTA President 2013-2015)


Margaret was one of the key people to get the USTA to use the Comen tiebreak while she was on the USTA Senior Comp Committee. Once she got an idea on something she thought would help tennis, she was dogged in her efforts. She also ran a number of tournaments in Portland and entertained all of the players at her home during the event.

She loved tennis and was a true supporter of our game. May she rest in peace.

-- Kathy Langer (NSWTA President 2015-2017)


All who came in contact with Margaret were touched very positively in some way. Even though she hasn’t been able to compete for the past few years, she would always make her way to Club Green Meadows in Vancouver, Washington to visit with and support her peers in the Indoor Nationals. Never without a smile on her face, she LOVED tennis, but she loved her “comrades” more. She was a blessing to all who knew her.

-- Brenda Carter (NSWTA President 2009-2011)

Margaret (left) with friend and competitor Rita Price (right)