President's Message

Dear Members,


It’s a strange time everywhere and the tennis world is not exempt. Our community has been impacted with both the National Clay Courts in Houston and Palm Beach Gardens among those events that are being rescheduled as the USTA has shut down competitive play for the time being. With the Houston Clay Courts being cancelled we are rescheduling the NSWTA Annual Meeting held each year during that event. We haven’t set a date or location yet, but will let you know once a plan is in place for that meeting.


Friend and NSWTA member Corey Reese reached out to me yesterday asking whether I thought we should all be playing our regular “social tennis.” Being far from an expert in this area, I checked in with an infectious disease specialist friend who stated that tennis should be safe as long as players observe all the precautions that have been recommended re Covid19: social distancing, frequent and thorough handwashing, no going out in public if you are experiencing any possible symptoms, etc. I was relieved to hear that with so many of us working from or staying at home as much as possible that this one thing we all love is still safe. Being out on the court yesterday gave me a respite from the never ending news updates and my own personal concerns. I came home enjoying that nice tennis generated endorphin rush and was more productive than I’d been in several days. I hope you too can use tennis as a chance to forget about your fears and enjoy your friends in a safe environment.


Life will be complicated for a while. In trying times it is wise to remember the kind words of Mr. Rogers. Two quotes from him particularly resonate with me today. The first is “Often problems are knots with many strands, and looking at those strands make a problem seem different.” Covid19 is scary and challenging, but I know I’ve talked to more neighbors, been kinder to folks in Trader Joe’s when we both reached for the last loaf of bread, and been far more vigilant about hand washing in the last week or so than I generally am. I hope that this “problem” continues to be an opportunity to be better. Mr Rogers also reminded us “All of us, at some time or other, need help. Whether we’re giving or receiving help, each one of us has something valuable to bring to this world. That’s one of the things that connects us as neighbors—in our own way, each one of us is a giver and a receiver.” I hope I can be both a “receiver” and “giver” who shows grace and kindness whichever role I’m in.


I hope next month’s newsletter will bring great news with more competitive tennis being played and life returning to normal.


My best to all of you,


Andrea Barnes

NSWTA Co-President

Tournament News

Important Update

As of now the schedule is in flux due to the Covid19 pandemic. This schedule reflects what we know now.


1) The National Women’s Senior Claycourts (Odds 35-85)

Houston Racquet Club, TX Tournament has been rescheduled to September 21- 27.


2) The National Women’s Senior Claycourts (Odds 40-80)

Palm Beach Gardens, FL. Tournament postponed and will be rescheduled.


3) ITF Senior World Individual Championships (50, 55, 60)

Palm Beach Gardens, FL (various facilities). May 2-9. Entries close: April 20. Register


4) National Senior Hardcourts (Evens 50-90)

La Jolla Beach and Tennis Club. May 11-17. Entries close April 26. Register

Wilson World Tennis Classic

The Wilson World Tennis Classic was played for the first time at Shadow Mountain Resort in Palm Desert under the direction of Caerwyn Evans, after many years at Mission HIlls. The tournament features all age groups in women’s men’s and mixed. Due to its size it is played in many venues in the Palm Desert area. In the 35 singles, unseeded Nicoleta Scott from Vancouver, BC took out second-seed Rachel Hardecke in the semis and top seed Laura Graff in the final. Read more results


Release By Mary Hill

Release is the 4th Fundamental Principle of tennis. One definition of release is to “allow something to move, act, or flow freely”. Breathing is the mechanism that allows the release to happen. There are 3 types of breathing: 1) Shallow, which is what we normally do, 2) abdominal, which is often used for yoga, and 3) thoracic, which is used for Pilates and tennis. With thoracic breathing, you will fill up your lungs, expanding your upper chest. Most players hold their breath when playing, which contributes to a forced, often muscled stroke. Read more


Tournament Choice Survey

If you haven’t completed the Tournament Choice Survey yet, please take a moment to do so. We need your input to help us work with tournament directors to create the best possible events for women players. We want to know what matters to you. We particularly encourage you to add your comments in the feedback section about things the best events are doing well and what makes you unlikely to return to an event in the future. We hope to use the results of our survey in collaboration with the USTA Adult Competition Committee, the National Senior Men’s Tennis Association, and tournament directors to create better experiences for our current players and attract more players too.

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The NSWTA monthly e-Newsletter has replaced the magazine. See archived e-Newsletters and Magazines here.


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Check out what Tennis Channel has to say about the growth of USTA age group tournaments.

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2020 Category 1 Schedule

Check out the 2020 Category 1 tournament schedule. Registration links are added as available. 2020 Schedule


Ralph & Mary Wilson Friendship Cup

This tournament is canceled for 2020.


California Players of the Decade

By Carolyn Nichols

Printed in part with permission from Inside Tennis


SoCal Player of the Decade,

Tina Karwasky

Glendale’s Tina Karwasky has been an incredible competitor and player for nearly 60 years. She played No. 1 for Cal State LA for four years. She competed in all four Grand Slams during her pro career where she reached a career high of No. 88. As a senior, she’s been a superstar with over 130 gold balls and 25 Cup team wins. The decade 2010-2019 decade was Karwasky’s best. She’s claimed 75 of her 135 gold balls in the past decade. She captured four singles and two doubles gold slams (winning the Hard, Clay, Grass and Indoors in a calendar year), and played on 13 Cup teams, winning 11. She won both her singles world titles and several doubles world championships. Karwasky represented SoCal in the Senior Women’s Intersectional Team event, playing No. 1 singles and doubles, most recently finishing second in 2019. Tremendous Tina is a fair and fierce competitor who works hard on and off the court to maintain her game and fitness. No one has had a better decade in senior tennis than our SoCal Player of the Decade.


NorCal Senior Player of the Decade,

Dori DeVries

In September, the iconic octogenarian Dori DeVries lost a match but gained a knee. After falling in a 3.5 hour singles match in the finals of the 80s indoors, the unstoppable veteran finally agreed to a knee replacement. And voila, five days later she had a new knee. Always upbeat, DeVries will begin the new decade with that new knee and the same old optimistic attitude. Despite only starting tennis in her late 30s (after raising a family), DeVries has risen to the upper echelon of senior tennis. In the past decade, she has won an amazing 35 gold balls and nearly as many silver. She’s played on six Cup teams and won gold medals in all six. She’s won two gold slams (winning the Hard, Clay, Grass and Indoor titles in a single age division in the same calendar year), the first in 2014 in 75 doubles just a year after having shoulder surgery and the second in 2016 in the 80s singles. She also won the ITF World 75 singles championship in 2011. Need we say more?

Tennis is a Sport for a Lifetime

Please enjoy this video on why "tennis is the sport for a lifetime" featuring Margaret Canby and Rose Austin from the U.S. Cup Teams competing in Umag, Croatia.
Click on video above.


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If you are a member and did not receive the email and would like to, please email us and let us know your current email address and we will add you to our list.


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