USTA National Father/Daughter, Mother/Son Indoors

March 8-10, South Barrington, IL


By Diane Barker


Everything at this fun tournament was Chicago-style: Chicago-style dinner Friday of pizza, hotdogs, pastas, spicy beef, potatoes, cheesecake…wonderful. Popcorn Chicago-style. Dry fit shirt and a hat, key chain with a little tennis racquet, eco-friendly bags with Tootsie Rolls, beer nuts, Twinkies --  all manufactured or originated in or near Chicago.


This is a growing (now at 87 entrants) tournament, drawing players from the Midwest but also the South. The whole indoor feeling is very warm and cozy. You tend to talk to people more since we are all in one large room overlooking the courts through a glass partition.  It is a very friendly environment. There are four different Father/Daughter competitions, depending on your age, and two Mother/Sons. Jay Morgan and his staff do an incredible job. From the beginning, there is a table to check in where you get all your goodies and you can book a practice court. Then you’re on to breakfast with yogurt, granola bars, bananas, bagels, cream cheese, muffins, juice, milk, cereal.... quite a layout. Still hungry? Lunch was served on Saturday.




Father/Daughter Open

This is the most exciting event to watch because of how good both players are. Ritchie/Ritchie, #1 seeds from Oklahoma, were beaten in three sets by Ho/Ho, an unseeded team from Texas.


Senior Father/Daughter

Flower/Flower, #1 seeds from Columbus, OH, won this in three sets over Morse-Karzen/Morse-Karzen from Wilmette.


Super Senior Father/Daughter

Number 1 seed Julia Cohen and her dad Richard from Philadelphia had to default in the semi’s because Richard fell and ended up being taken to the hospital. He was OK from the fall but actually had to have a stent put in because of a blockage. Schaefer and Schaefer, the Madison WI team they defaulted to, ended up winning the tournament, beating the number two seeds in the finals.


Father 80 and over

A round robin. 4 teams after one dropped out. Joslin,Jr-/Joslin-King from NH won all their matches.



9 teams. Number 1 (Krasner/Krasner from MD) and 2 seeds (Swiggart/Swiggart from Denver) made it to the finals. Swiggarts won. Darn! Ladson and I lost to the Krasner team 5-5. We defaulted the 3/4 playoff.


Senior Mother/Son

4 teams. Round robin. Ladson and I were the big winners. Ladson’s first Gold Ball after 2 Silvers the last 2 years. Playing 2 events on hardcourts was difficult. The body did not like it. But, no injuries! Yes!!!



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