National Senior Women's 90s Grass Court

October 29 - 31, 2019. Mission Hills Country Club, Rancho Mirage, CA



By Rita Price


There were six singles in this ninety only National with Jane Lutz seeded number one, Rita Price seeded number two, and Elizabeth Harrison playing Sally Fuller, and Joyce Vanderpol playing Janet Hubbard in the first round. Elizabeth upset Sally Fuller, who had defeated her in La Jolla, so Elizabeth was in the semis. Joyce Vanderpol, who beat Janet in La Jolla, went to a tiebreaker to get to the other semis. Seeds held in the semis with Joyce defeating Elizabeth for the Bronze in two sets. Elizabeth came in fourth. In the back draw Janet Hubbard beat Sally Fuller in two sets taking fifth place in singles. Friends and partners Lutz and Price faced each other for the fourth time this year with Price finishing ahead for the Gold.


The doubles was a round robin (Lutz and Price, Wiedenmann and Hubbard, Fuller and Vanderpol). The first match between Lutz & Price and Wiedenmann & Hubbard was the most competitive match due to time constraints (only three days)! In topsy turvy fashion Price and Lutz lost the first set to Wiedenmann and Hubbard 2-6, came back to take the second set 6-2 which led to a 10-point tie breaker with Price and Lutz "squeaking" by 10-7. The final shot was a dig, a push with some part of the racquet over the net and an unbelievable landing two inches from the net. Pat thought we shouldn't be having so much fun, but it really didn't disappoint the family and friends, ball girls and our judge Cathy Thomas. We indeed are "inspirations!" So, Gold for Lutz and Price, Silver for Wiedenmann and Hubbard, and Bronze for Vanderpol and Fuller! Everyone WINS!


That clears the tennis news! Now for the family fun. Joyce Vanderpol and her twin Renie, who took photos and cheered for "Sis,ā€¯stayed at their local timeshare for the second year. Sally Fuller and son Jeff invited my friend Gail Forbes to join them at their timeshare. Scott Harrison came with Mom Elizabeth who stayed at a hotel nearby and joined us for lunch and dinners. Jimmy Hubbard was the driver for Mom Janet who stayed at our posh condo, as did Pat Wiedenmann who is the newcomer youngster and only played doubles. Jane Lutz's daughter Jan joined Mom who stayed at our condo, as well. Cousins Kirk and Linda drove from Mesa to cheer Jane and all of us on and catch up on family affairs.


Halloween fun photos were taken with Jeff as Trump and Jan as Melania. Witches Gail and Sally joined Patrick, who had a pumpkin hat with candy on his head.


Hats off to Andi Polisky, who transported those who stayed at the condo, took us to lunch, shopped with us for breakfasts, and ran the show with grace and good humor. She also supplied us with ball girls galore and our new friend forever Judge Cathy Thomas.


I hope there will be some new nonagenarians joining our band of fun-loving hackers next year, to romp on the grass and remember what it was like to be young again!