National USTA 40, 50, 70, 80, 90 Indoor Championships

September 2-7, 2019. Club Green Meadows, Vancouver, WA

By Pam Simons


One of the joys of playing national age level tournaments is the people you meet. This was particularly true in the 70s draws at the National Indoors in early September. A Portland-area location, the Indoors drew a lot of West Coast players that this East Coast player doesn’t know or get to see often enough. Back after a short medical hiatus was Mid Westerner Sherry Ploor, who with dubs partner Elizabeth Barnhill kept us in stitches. “Let’s get together and break things” is how Sherry greeted her eager friends. (The duo would limp home injured but happy, as they are now eligible to apply for the Wilson Friendship Cup). Also in the 70s was Nancy Osborne, a fine Oregon player who occasionally plays outside her region (she got to the 70 singles finals). Carmen Almodovar and Wilma Lee were great additions to the 70s from the West Coast. Andi Polisky is another jovial West Coaster we don’t see much in the East. My laugh muscles were twitching by mid week!


In the 80s, Texas’ Chris Smith (she won the 80 singles consies and a Silver ball in the doubles), Wisconsin’s Cathy Kestle and Chicago’s popular Bette Sacks added to the list of perennials that make up so many 80s draws. In the semies, Burnette Herrick accomplished her first win over Roz King, who despite playing somewhat injured managed to capture a Bronze Ball. Dori Devries gave Burnette a tough time in the finals before falling in three sets.


And those 90-year-youngs came en masse. (See following story from Rita Price)


The 40s were a small (4 players) draw, largely from the Northwest region.


And of the five players in the 50s draw, four were from the Northwest or California. Ann Whitney, from Bellingham, WA, was new to this writer. She has a classic, elegant game and Anna Zimmermann got the cutest husband award (well, maybe he was the only husband there, but no matter) because he diligently washed and folded her laundry while chatting with all the cougar ladies in the 70s and 80s.


With many of the top players in the 70s playing for the USA in Croatia, it was a good time to collect Gold. Quiet giant-killer Wilma Lee won her first Gold Ball in the singles, defeating a stubborn and injured Nancy Osborne. Barb Hubbard, always a delight to be around, took the Bronze from Carmen Almodovar, whose consistent game is full of slices and angles.


In the 70 doubles, unseeded Lois Harris and Pam Simons won their first Gold Ball in the doubles, defeating strong local team (also unseeded) Lynne Annett/ Nancy Decherd, after advancing in the semies when the first seeds (Liane Bryson/Kathy Bennett) defaulted.


See RESULTS for scores


Star Reporter Rita Price adds her take on the Indoors:


The support folks spanned a variety of ages at the Indoor National in Vancouver, September 2-8!

70 year old, Marie Bernard (raises and writes a children’s book, Lama Mama) drew strength from sister Gloria and Nell Sales brought Spencer along as her “Athletic Supporter!” Allan Zimmermann, helped 50-year-old wife Anna capture a gold ball in singles!


Here comes Jane Lutz, Double Gold nonagenarian, with nieces Rhonda (who lives on a sailboat in Vancouver BC) and Rita joining Sis to cheer for Aunt Jane whose sister used to say, “Jane can wear a dress from Penny’s and look like a million dollars!” Not to be upstaged, the top nonagenarian, Joyce Vanderpol, at 95, joined by twin Renie, a fashionista in pure purple, captured double bronze balls!


Everyone wins at this age:


Gold - Lutz/Price

Silver - Wiedenmann/Hubbard

Bronze - Vanderpol/Harrison



Gold - Lutz

Silver - Price

Bronze - Vanderpol

Photo left to right: Jane Lutz and Rita Price (Gold),

Joyce Vanderpol and Elizabeth Harrison (Bronze),

Janet Hubbard and Pat Weidenmann (Silver)