38th Annual Young Seniors World Individual Championships (35,40,45)

October 27 - November 3, 2018. Miami Beach, FL   Results

Young Seniors Team Recap

By Carolyn Nichols


The Young Seniors (35, 40, 45) were played in Miami Beach, Florida in late October. It was HOT! The USA women’s teams improved on their 2017 performance in the 35s and 40s and dropped a spot in the 45s, but all four teams medaled (thanks to the ITF which added medals for fourth place teams this year).


The women’s 35s, the Suzanne Lenglen Cup team had an impressive lineup of Anda Perianu, Julie Thu, Kaysie Smashey and Katerina Janosek. This lineup took the team to the final, where they were felled by a tough German team, finishing second with silver medals.


The Women’s 40s, the Young Cup was a bit misnamed, since half the team was eligible for an older age division. Millie Yablonicky, Lizl Kotz, Carolina Blouin and Debbie Higa had some long days (8.5 hours against the Netherlands!) but fought so hard and finished fourth, falling 2-1 to Great Britain after being a set away from victory.


The Women’s 45s, the Margaret Court Cup team was led by Nancy Hilliard (captain and No. 1 player); Julie Cass, Tangerine Manning and Tracie Currie completed this team, which finished fourth. The 45s drew an afternoon time slot so the doubles frequently finished under the lights at the Flamingo Park Tennis Center. They had a long match against Germany in the final round robin match (which put them into the semis). They lost to Spain, 3-4, in the playoffs.


The week after the team event the individuals took place also in Miami Beach. The big winner there was Kaysie Smashey who reached the singles final, the doubles semis and with Anda Perianu, won the 35s Doubles World Title. Perianu was a semifinalist in doubles.